A Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin' Concrete Man EP

Were you sad to find out after downloading Mega Man 9: Back in Blue that there wasn't a single Concrete Man remix to be found? You are not alone! Artists on the OCR forums have banded together to bring you no less than thirteen Concrete Man remixes to fill that cube-shaped void in your soul. Tasked with making a remix in a single week (similar to the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle) with an additional week to clean up the tracks, the Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin' EP was born.

This is not an official OCR album so much as a companion piece to Back in Blue. It's free and waiting for you to download here. And, of course, if you haven't yet heard Mega Man 9: Back in Blue, be sure to grab that while you're at it on the album's official site.