EXE NET Fan Art Competition

Contest LogoSaito-kun over at his relatively new Mega Man Battle Network site has started a contest to promote bringing a Battle Network (EXE) 7 for the 3DS. What better way to show love and interest in a series than kick starting it with a fan art contest? The rules are simple:

Draw something related to Rockman.EXE. Something that would make people want a new game. Maybe that's a picture of an epic battle, or a shot of Lan/Netto and Hub/Saito together, or new Navi designs. It can be hand-drawn, digital, painted, modeled, animated, static, big, small, whatever. Entries must be viewable by all ages. You can enter as many pieces as you like.

There are some awesome prizes for this one as well.

  • The first-place prize is a platinum Nintendo GameCube and a copy of Mega Man Network Transmission. The first-place winner also has the right to swap their prize with either the second-place or third-place prize.
  • The second-place prize for this contest is a copy of Mega Man Battle Network and a platinum Game Boy Advance SP.
  • The third-place prize is a copy of Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works.

Entries are due by December 31st. That gives fellow artists plenty of time to whip up some entries. For more details and how to submit your entries, you can visit EXE NET.

Finally, a Mega Man fan contest not hosted by TMMN that I get to join in! Good luck everyone!