Kotobukiya's Zero Model Kit Hits Japan October 18th

With the recent fun toys the X series has been getting lately, you didn't forget about the Zero series didja? According to Kotobukiya's mobile site, the long awaited Rockman Zero model kit is officially slated to release next month on the 18th. I say long awaited because originally this was planned to release back in the summer. As detailed before, the kit will come with various weapons, hand sets and facial expressions. If you're familiar with Kotobukiya's previous Rockman offerings, you ought to have a good idea of the quality.

The Zero kit will retail for ¥3,200 (roughly $41.85 US) when it comes out. But I suppose I ought to trot out the usual import sites, which often have discounts. Amiami and HLJ are your friends. Or just wait until December for the localized US release.

There has still been no word yet about any additional model kits continuing in the Zero series. It was, after all, some time before we knew there was anything coming after the original Rockman kit. Should Zero sell well, we can probably expect some followups.

Man I love that box design.

News credit: CAP Kobun