It's the End of the World as We Know It: Rockman Online Bumped Back to Late 2012

Rockman Online was originally scheduled for a late 2011 release, but here we are, in September of the chosen year, and we have not heard much of anything from the game in some time. That is, until now. A recent financial earnings report reveals that the only announced and unreleased Rockman title to not be canceled (and, as fate would have it, is poised to be exclusive to the people of Korea) is now looking at a release in the latter part of 2012. Sort of fitting, given the post-apocalyptic scenarios, both in the game itself and the eyes of franchise fans.

The report also notes that the game is being touted as one of developer NEOWIZ Games' top titles for their 2012 portfolio, if not the flagship game for the company that year. Meanwhile, the company is reportedly going to make a strong showing at this year's annual G-Star gaming show in Busan, South Korea, and so it seems likely that Rockman Online could resurface there, hopefully bringing new info and footage. Given how long it has been since we last saw the game in action, one can only wonder what it may look, play, or otherwise be like now.

MMO Site notes that this year's convention is putting a heavier emphasis on "internationalization," leading to the suggestion from Protodude that this would be a good time and place to announce an international release for the title.

We won't argue with that; it's not as though we have anything else on our plate anyway, right?

Source: Maeil Business Network and, via Protodude's Rockman Corner