D-Arts Full Armor X Arrives in Japan this Friday

The third in line in Bandai's D-Arts Rockman X figure line is a fully armored X (from Mega Man X). Tamashi Web has announced it's on course for a release this Friday, September 23rd. The figure seems to be equipped the same as the original X figure, coming with two facial expressions, a swappable buster arm, and effect parts for shots and a charged shot. This time, however, the figure comes with a whopping five normal shot pieces. The charged shot is not pictured, but this being the fully armored X I wonder if it's insane.

As we reported before, the figure's parts are completely interchangeable with the original X figure (not to mention Zero's as well). It'll retail for ¥3,675 (roughly $48 US), and can be imported from online retailers like AmiAmi and HLJ. Or you can wait a little longer since it will probably be out in the States next month.

With this figure out the door, there's still no word what character Bandai will tackle next. A 2nd version of Zero seems pretty likely, but perhaps we'll get a bit of a curve ball, like Sigma or Vile. Or Wire Sponge.

News via CAP Kobun