X Wall Jumps Above Rest in UMvC3 DLC Polls

by PreacherDudeRox A few days ago, a fan by the name of "Levi" ran an Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC poll, and about six days ago, the results came in. The votes have been tallied up, and now can even be found on Capcom Unity's General Discussion forum. If one were to go over there and check out the results, you would see that on the Capcom side, Mega Man X got the most votes; busting the competition with 1075 votes. This essentially means that there is still a lot of demand for Mega Man X to get into UMvC3 through DLC.

But wait, there's more. He's been fighting for everlasting peace since 1987; folks, give up for Mega Man Classic! Our man in the blue came in 3rd place with 263, with his virus busting counterpart in 9th with 118 (that's MegaMan.EXE by the way). Tied at 10th, we have Bass.EXE with 108 votes.

You can always check out the poll yourself, I'm pretty sure you'll see some other Mega Man characters you probably want in UMvC3 (like Sigma, MegaMan Volnutt, and Proto Man). Just don't get too excited, at least not yet. If you'll recall, there has been a poll for UMvC3 characters before, and our man X got pretty high.

As a matter of fact, he came in first that time as well; 34.07% of the people voted for X. But even with that much demand, X was not placed in, so not including him in the DLC isn't a peculiar move. But we can always hope, regardless of the expectancies and choices of the past, and we can always wish that Capcom will hear the cry of the fans this time.

Thanks to Anonymous for the tip!