World Domination 101: Acquire a Servbot Army

by Zerothemaster

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Have you ever dreamed of ruling the world?

Where you could either be a dignitary that people loved and whose robotic police force plants flowers when they’re not working, or a merciless dictator who could crush any rebels with a giant robot army? Well, you can get one step closer to your plans of world domination with an auction at Yahoo! Auctions Japan (No, Japan is not for sale)!

Until September 18th, you can buy a deadly and fearsome (fearful?) robot army to carry out your wishes, whether kind or deadly! Yes sir, the entire set of 40 limited edition three-inch Kobun/Servbot figurines is for sale, each including a unique expression and accessory, all in a spiffy box!

Unfortunately, robot armies aren’t the cheapest thing around: this rare, complete set is selling for 500,000 yen, comparable to $6,500 USD. That’s a lot of refractors to dig up. What's more, due to the nature of Yahoo! Auctions Japan, you'll have to use a proxy such as Rinkya to bid on your behalf.

Though, I suppose a dictator could just take anyone’s money anyways, so it rather pays for itself, doesn’t it?

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner