What's Old is News Again - Inafune on Finishing Legends 3 with Comcept

There are no old video game stories, just stories people have forgotten, or never read to begin with. That's what seems to be the case today, as tips come in and word is spreading all around about an interview which Keiji Inafune gave to Japanese gaming website 4Gamer.net, one in which he discusses how he would have liked to continue working on Mega Man Legends 3 with Capcom from his new company, Comcept.

Sound familiar? Well, it should: we posted bits from the translation when said interview was posted nearly a year ago. For those interested, here is the part which has everyone buzzing ten and a half months later:

4G: So if you want to save Capcom, you can continue working on that even after leaving. It seems like there are a lot of people like that.

KI: That’s absolutely right. So told Capcom that I’m leaving to start my own company, while still contracting with them, continuing with titles already underway and follow through with their plans. If that was acceptable, I wouldn’t be able to work with any other publishers, but I’d have been able to finish what I’d started. However, that wasn’t possible. I was told, “That won’t be necessary.”

The full translation is still at NeoGAF, if you're interested in reading it (again, possibly).

This is far from the only time I've seen the gaming press jump on a story which is actually quite old, to say nothing of people responding to it as though it's new. Just remember: if you come across a story you've seen before, it's not old; you just happened to see it before everyone else did.

All the same, thanks to everyone who passed this along. Perhaps this will hold some new meaning for some people, in light of more recent events.