Hoffman Legends 3: Your Prototype Version Questions Answered

Last week, we informed you of a most rare and unique opportunity: to put forth your questions to Nintendo Power Senior Editor Chris "The Hoff" Hoffman, the only journalist to lay hands on Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version, and find out everything possible about the game-- or, more optimistically-- the version of the game we may never get to play. Fast-forward a week and some change later, and fellow Future video game news source GamesRadar has posted the answers. Of course, there is likely little here regarding the controversy surrounding the cancellation of the project. In fact, Nintendo Power seems to have been taken by surprise as much as any of us, including a brief news blurb in the current September 2011 (Volume 271) alongside a pic of a fallen Mega Man, as well as a shout out that "Dodongo Dislikes... Getting players to make your game... and then canceling it."

You can find the full Q&A session here, with some selected questions and answers posted below. Hopefully, we can find a way to add all the important details to the game's entry on our Mega Man Universe wiki for archival purposes.

In addition, thanks to Flammingheadman and Dashe for passing word along to us!

What were the controls like?

There were three control schemes to choose from. The default control setup allowed you to move with the Circle Pad, adjust the camera with the Control Pad, and shoot with the R Button. As for the face buttons, A = melee attack, B = jump, X = special weapon, and Y = dash. However, if you preferred things the old-fashioned way, you can choose control setups that were more similar to Mega Man Legends or Mega Man Legends 2, including the option to rotate the camera with L and R.

Is there anything story or character-wise or anything else that we didn't know beforehand that you learned from playing the game?

I don’t recall how much had been revealed at the time I played the game, but the mysterious connection between Barrett and Barrel Caskett certainly stood out to me.

What score would you give for what you did play?

If I were rating the Prototype Version on the Nintendo Power review scale for downloadable games, I’d definitely give it a Recommended. There would have been a lot of content for two bucks, and Mega Man fans would have flipped out at finally getting a new Legends game in any form. If I were to assume all the gameplay contained in the Prototype Version was indicative of the final product, I’d say it would have been on its way to getting something in the 7.0 to 8.0 range.

Did Mega Man get off the moon?

No, Mega Man was still stuck on the moon in the Prototype Version.

What kind of missions were there? And how much was there to do?

There were at least 10 missions in the Prototype Version. They included the following:

Trouble In Paradise: This is the opening mission, in which you battle Reaverbots in Teomo City.

Barrett & Friends: This is primarily the introductory story. It tells players about Teomo City, Diggers, and the concept of Rebel Rider youth gangs. It also introduces Barrett and his friends Max, Aero, Pic, and Grille, who comprise the Bright Bats gang. According to the game, Rebel Riders allegedly have “no regards for society’s rules,” but they seemed pretty benign to me.

Late-Night Race: This is a hoverbike racing contest through the Teomo City streets.

One Bullheaded Rival: A boss battle against a rival gang leader named Bullbreath, the leader of the Roast Beefs. It was on the easy side.

Take Me Somewhere - Barrett the Chauffer: In this one you have to drive Aero around to various locations, including the park and a place called the “Gate of Frontiers.” Not that it’s important, but I enjoyed the food truck called “Oh My Gyros” in the park.

Operation Anti-Riders: Fed up with Rebel Rider gangs, the chief of police Gonzo Goodwin attacks the Bright Bats with a mech/vehicle called the Anti Rider Crusader 1. Apparently Roll built the vehicle.

Rocket R&D Fundraising: This mission especially like classic Legends games. You venture into some ruins to get a refractor for Roll. She needs it so she can build a rocket to bring Mega Man home from Elysium.

Yes, Miss Tron: You have to retrieve Tron’s missing Servbots within a time limit.

What’s in the Box?: This is another ruins-exploration mission. At the end, you learn about a treasure called the Klicke Lafonica, which seemed like it was going to be a major plot point.

Bonne Family Showdown: This is the battle against the fan-created Donner Wels mech. It was pretty challenging; I got electrocuted the first time I tried it.


And there is much, much more to read about the Prototype Version. So if you were waiting for this, be sure to check out the full Q&A for yourself!