Capcom Calendars Feature Mega Man Boys, Girls, Classy Sigma

Capcom has multiple ways for you to express your fandom while keeping track of the months and days for 2012. Capcom is producing two 2012 calendars, a Heroes version and a Girls version. Last time we reported of an awesome Mega Man collage being features in the Heroes version. This time, we have a super cute, groan-inducing collage from the Girls versions featuring gals all across the franchise (even Aero, though maybe it was too late to cut her). However, rather than focusing on one series per page, the images also feature some interesting character crossovers, including an early summer collage with Rock, Lan and Geo, and a rather sophisticated winter piece featuring Sigma dressed to the nines (with Velguarder of course). Hit the break to see those!

These calendars will be out this middle of this month ¥2,100 a piece (roughly $28 US). I'll just be going to the store to pick them up, but you folks outside of Japan can import them at places like Amazon JP (Heroes, Girls), AmiAmi (Heroes, Girls) and Hobby Link Japan (Heroes, Girls). Only question is now, which do you get?

Via Rockman Unity

Notice the castle?

"X may have feelings, but I have a nicotine addiction."