GameSpite's Rockman Super Adventure

A new article featuring Mega Man has been posted over at GameSpite, and it's about a game which many of you may know, but few of you likely know well. This would be for Super Adventure Rockman, a Japan-only release for the SEGA Saturn and Sony PlayStation. Its chief claims to notoriety include being a full-motion video anime adventure in a time when such things were relatively rare for the Blue Bomber (shy of the Ruby Spears cartoon, of course), as well as being one Mega Man title to incur the distaste of Keiji Inafune for its darker tone and levels of violence.

In addition, it also gave some relatively unique insights into different aspects of the Mega Man world, from a rare dual-Buster attack to how E Tanks work to watching a family of Mets enjoying a meal... with hands!

In addition to the article, editor Jeremy Parish notes that it is one of the few Mega Man games he has never played. "I did, however, play a few levels of Mega Man Universe before it was canned," he notes. "On the whole, I probably would have enjoyed Super Adventure Rockman more."

Image Source: GameFAQs