Go Nuts with Custom Volnutts

While it may be a while before Capcom fulfills the needs and desires of Mega Man Legends fans again, at least some of those same fans are taking it upon themselves to do something with the series and characters they know and love so well. In this case, one Ryan Showers has posted a custom figure of MegaMan Volnutt to Score6, where it is currently available for pre-order. OF course, this is not your standard-issue item mass-produced by the thousands by a company such as Jazwares or Mattel... at least, that we know of. As such, the price is a little steeper than those items would run, though the sticker-shock may be a little less if you are more acquainted with purchasing figures from Kotobukiya and Bandai's D-Arts lines.

That said, the cost is $50, with an additional $8 for shipping anywhere within the continental United States. Plus, the first 20 orders will receive the Data figure and refractor shown in some of the pictures!

This would not be the first time Volnutt has been rendered in plastic form; previously, Bandai released a series of figures based on the intrepid Digger and his different Rockman DASH 2 weapons. Jazwares was supposed to get in on the action with a MegaMan Volnutt figure (as well as a three-pack of Servbots), but strangely enough, their whole Mega Man line (save for JuVis) was given the ax after they were announced. Pardon the expression, but go figure.

Thanks for the tip, RockmanAndRoll!