Let Legends "Shimeji" Invade Your Desktop

Here's an adorable way to customize your Windows PC, and show some Legends support. "Shimeji" is a freeware program that makes little characters run around your desktop. Furthermore, you can make your own image sets for new Shimeji characters. The characters will just crawl around, goof off, and may even mess with your browser window. You can also grab them and toss them around, which makes the Servbot ideal. You can find a Shimeji FAQ here and download the program here (both a calm and mischievous version exist). So to go along with this, DA user DeadEndKing is in the midst of making Mega Man Legends themed image packs for you to load with Shimeji. So far the characters include MegaMan, Roll, Tron, Teisel, Servbot and Yuna. Glyde is presently in the works. Of course you can even make your own characters, if you feel so inclined.

Okay, there's a lot more of these guys now and I'm pretty sure they're plotting something. Where's the off switch...

Thanks for the tip stealthwoman!