New Adventures of Mega Man Now Available in English

You may know of The New Adventures of Mega Man, or more colloquially called That Portuguese Mega Man Comic Where Roll's Naked A Lot. This peculiar comic was published in Brazil by Estúdio PPA in the 90s. Personally speaking, I don't even know much about it myself. But I can start since the comic has been translated to English by Optical Internet Translation Gang. You can head over and download all 16 issues. Lots of Mega Man comic goodness to  enjoy these days! The files are in CBR format, which is a special format for digital comic books. If you're unfamiliar with it, Google search "CBR viewer" for some options. I found a freeware program called Comical that did the trick alright.

As you may have gathered from the introduction, despite featuring Mega Man characters in a strange and original story, there's also a fair bit of violence and nudity in the comic, although specifically it's "robot nudity;" really nothing more raunchy than a Barbie figure. Still, take some caution when taking a look. TMMN is not responsible for you being sent to military school.

Thanks to Alice for the heads up!