D-Arts Zero Hits Japan this Weekend

Bandai's D-Arts figure of Mega Man X has been getting all of the spotlight so far, but that's about to change soon. Bandai has announced their D-Arts figure of Zero will be coming to Japanese store shelves this Saturday, the 20th, for ¥3,675 (roughly $47.96 US). Similarly to Mega Man X, Zero comes with multiple expression face plates, exchangeable buster and hands, and a charged shot effect piece. Unlike X, he also comes with a mane of gorgeous blond hair. If you're dying to import, you can get it from sites like AmiAmi (which currently has a 27% discount). Or, if you can be just a little patient, you can wait for the figure to release in North America next month, as toy and hobby retailers should be getting their stock then. Also don't forget that Full Armor X isn't very far off!

Update: Additional in-package shots can be seen here. Thanks Lalam!