Watch Some Mega Man Characters Get Their Groove On

I tweeted on this video by SwordMasamune a little earlier, but the truth is I just can't stop watching it. On top of that, there's actually MORE, so I broke down and felt the need to share it with you all more formally.

I will take the time to mention, however, that TMMN viewer stealthwoman originally sent this is as a reminder that the Japanese Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom will be closing down on the 19th, so if there's anything you want from there be sure to grab it. The US Devroom is staying open indefinitely for the time being, though to what capacity is uncertain.

Anyway, having taken care of that, hit the break to see X and Zero get funkified too. Funkified is a hip word that people definitely use, right?

So how would you feel about Capcom venturing into a Mega Man themed dance game?