LBD and Heat Man on The Joystiq Show

Earlier this week, Heat Man and I were both invited to take part in the latest edition of The Joystiq Show, a new podcast hosted by the video game blog every week or so. As one might have guessed by our very presence, this week's show involves Capcom and Mega Man. Titled the "Hyper Mega Capcom Edition," we appeared with former Capcom developer Ben Judd (now the lead agent for DDM) and Mark MacDonald of 8-4, though not at the same time; we were in a separate segment. While those two talked about Capcom's current state in the context of modern game development in Japan, we were brought in to talk about the recent cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. Then they wrapped up with a roundtable of their own Capcom insights.

And as tempting as it might have been to recite a version of Revelations rewritten to feature blue horsemen descending upon Capcom and harvesting DNA Souls, the truth is that we kept it pretty civil. So if you were expecting us to launch into some sort of tirade, well, you've been warned of your impending disappointment.

Nonetheless, we hope you'll find it an entertaining listen. With that said, we've also been told that some of the stuff we recorded had to be cut to fit the new format they are working with, but there is hope that it will be used in a written feature in the coming weeks. They said they'll keep us in the loop, and when that happens, we'll pass word along here.