Questions on Ruby-Spears Mega Man Answered by Joe Ruby

The Ruby-Spears production of the Mega Man animated series is a fondly remembered cartoon, differences, strange quirks and modern memes aside. Even when it premiered, I can recall being just a kid and thinking the show seemed peculiarly different than what I came to know as Mega Man. But that made it no less entertaining, and darned if I didn't watch it all. Sometime ago, M Sipher got a chance to ask some questions to Ruby-Spears co-founder Joe Ruby on many questions that have surrounded the series for a while. These include things like how the series got its start, what's the deal with season three, and was Bass ever intended to be in the show? You'll definitely want to check it out, especially for bits like this:

Had the series continued, would we have seen characters from more recent games, or even the Mega Man games that were exclusive to the Nintendo Game Boy?

JR: We were planning on integrating the new Mega X character and game materials into the new shows.

Mmm, what could have been.