A Couple Fighting Game Guys on Mega Man

First off we have a Destructoid interview with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 producer Ryota Niitsuma. About 1:30 in, Niitsuma is asked which Mega Man character he'd like to see if UMvC3 were to have anymore. Niitsuma says Mega Man X in response, acknowledging the large fan following surrounding the Maverick Hunter. A fairly provocative statement following a lack of Mega Man characters in the UMvC3 leaked roster. Would you hold Niitsuma to his word?

Next up, GameTrailer.com snags an interview with Yoshinori Ono, whose latest work is Street Fighter X Tekken. After 50 seconds in, when responding about Mega Man in general, Ono states that as a fan himself it's unfortunate to see what's happened, but he doesn't believe it's the end of Mega Man at all, and still considered the character Capcom's mascot. While I don't believe Ono is connected to any Mega Man titles in a major way, it's nice to hear his support and I'd love to see someone so connected with the fans and a such great spokesperson help get behind Mega Man in the future.

Thanks to Frøg, thegolfcourse and DaiSanSei for the tips.