The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle Wrap-Up

Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011It's been a crazy few months, but the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle of 2011 we covered back in April has finally come to an end. What does this mean for the casual observer? How does 57 free Mega Man remixes from a wide variety of artists sound? For those not in the know, the GRMRB is a remix tournament open to artists of all skill levels. After choosing a robot master from the classic series, each person was placed in a one-on-one musical battle of epic proportions where they had to combine both their chosen theme and their opponent's. Each song was made in a single week followed by a week of public voting to determine who would move to the next tier of the bracket.

32 different musicians signed up for the task, but only 1 was left standing among the robo-carnage. Even I threw my hat into the ring, only to fall in round 3 to none other than the champion of the competition himself.

You can find download links for each round in the competition thread as well as higher quality files of my own entries here. To see the breakdown of the artists, robot masters and how everybody progressed, click on the icons below.

All in all, it was a blast to participate and I encourage anybody with the means to do so to give it a shot when it comes around again (probably next year). Until then, enjoy the results of everyone else's hard work!

Update: There is a now a zip file containing every song in all its retagged glory. Get it here.