Tron Cosplayer Visits "World of Capcom" Panel at Comic-Con

If you've been following our Twitter feed, you've no doubt noticed that a lot of serious allegations were hurled at Capcom during the San Diego Comic-Con, chief among them that they were having security remove Mega Man cosplayers, or even those who so much as uttered the words "Mega Man." These claims were fantastic (please note the first definition, if you will), and as such, we refused to post anything about the story here until there was some sort of proof. After all, as upset at Capcom as we may be right now, we are not interested in saying they did such things when they did not.

But despite our call for evidence, all anyone would provide was hearsay, forum posts, things of that nature. And it is difficult to believe that in this day and age of camera phones capable of capturing stills and video, that no one would have caught anything of the sort happening.

Yet now, proof has surfaced... well, proof to the contrary, anyway.

Whether the person pictured is the same cosplayer as the one who was allegedly removed is unknown, but Siliconera reports that the person above was seen at the "World of Capcom" panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, and there seems to be nothing to suggest any sort of incident occurred, which seems to validate Capcom's statements on Twitter.

As an aside, Siliconera also points out that the Servbots accompanying Ms. Tron are actually puppets. Pretty cool!

Anyway, we understand that tempers have been flaring all throughout this week, and if something like this were to indeed happen, we would definitely be interested in telling people, provided it was legit and had some sort of proof. But otherwise, falsely accusing Capcom of such unsavory acts really isn't going to help anyone, and when the truth comes out, it arguably only serves to make us all look worse in the end.