Other Reactions to the Cancellation/Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 News (Updated: 7/24)

Gamers everywhere felt the sting of Capcom's announcement of the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 late Monday night. I posted my reaction here the following day (which itself garnered quite a reaction-- thank you all for that), and many of you have not been at all shy about leaving your own thoughts on the matter, as well as that of no inclusion of a Mega Man in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, in the comments of the many stories we have posted throughout the week. And still others have reacted in their own way, by posting to their blogs, recording YouTube videos, and even creating articles and features on major video game websites. So here, for your convenience, is a round-up of what we have seen thus far. Do note that some of these sites may have Not Safe For Work content, so be sure to proceed with caution.

Oh, and I hope you will appreciate that with the sheer number of pieces people have created, sent in, etc. (with more to come, no doubt) that we simply cannot give all of them dedicated articles. Feel free to send more our way, though, and we can add to the list. Who knows? Maybe Capcom will take greater notice of them all if they can all be found in one place?

Farewell, Mega Man - Destructoid

It's Official: Mega Man is Dead - Games Abyss (Thanks, thegolfecours!)

Slapped in the Face: Mega Man Legends 3, Ultimate MvC3 and the Trollcom Dairy Farm - Musings of the Master

Video: Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled - A Cautionary Tale (Thanks, Victor!)

Revive MegaMan Legends 3 - A second Facebook effort with over 1,500 members, which is planning a "different approach" in the coming days.

Operation THIS IS WHAT WE'RE FIGHTING FOR! - A blog inspired by Operation: Rainfall.

The Gallery Of Cancelled Mega Man Projects - Press the Buttons - A reminder that Mega Man Legends 3 is not the first cancellation we've had to endure, though it's the first of this magnitude.

A Lesson in How Not to Cancel a Video Game - Giant Bomb - "Mega Man Legends 3 could have changed the industry. Instead, fans are virtually rioting."

Is Capcom Killing Mega Man? - IGN

GamePro's Mega Man Memories - "[R]ather than lament the loss of his latest outings, the GamePro editors have recalled their favorite installments in Mega Man's illustrious career."

How Should Capcom Revive Mega Man? New Super Mario Bros. Wii Might Point the Way - GamePro - "Could Mega Man work as a four player co-op platformer? We share our thoughts, and offer a few other ideas for reviving the Blue Bomber."

A Day in Mega Man Legends 3 Wikipedia Edits - GameSetWatch

Dedicated Mega Man Legend 3 Community Dev Discusses Cancellation - Game Informer - Hey, I think I know that guy...

'Mega Man Legends 3' Cancelled - About.com: Nintendo DS - This one, too.

a post typed with clenched fists - Geekspeak Network Blog - A piece from former MMN staff member and Fiber writer Bryan "DarkMoogle" Carr.

RIP Mega Man Legends 3 - A piece from MMN founder Steve "SporkyReeve" Watts.

Video: Why, Capcom, Why? My Feelings on Mega Man

Video: Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled Rant

Mega Man Legends 3 The Fan Game - Funny, though perhaps unduly harsh to Seth. Make sure to play to the end. And it's more than we got, anyway. (Thanks, @mixedsoulsister!)

GameFAQs Poll of the Day - "Which video game publisher do you like the least (or hate the most) right now?" (Thanks, @KyleKovalchek!)

Project Legends - Fans taking the game into their own hands. (Thanks again, @mixedsoulsister!)

@getmeoffthemoon - A Twitter account and Facebook effort.

Update - 7/24:

Video: MegaMan Legends 3 - Teisel's Lament - We hear you, Teisel. (Thanks, Jeff!)

Legends Never Die - The Digger's Database (Thanks, @AquaTeamV3!)

Capcom Officially Worse Than Activision? - Examiner (Thanks, >_>!)

I guess we should. I was wrong; Mega Man is no more. - Colonel Forte's IGN Blog

Waiting for Legends 3: A Tribute - Not so much a reaction to the news, but a bittersweet callback from when the news broke. (Thanks, Rock-X and TheGolfCourse!)