Other Companies Express Their Sorrow at Mega Man Legends 3's Passing

For the past week, many have expressed their dismay at the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 on Monday night. But as it turns out, there are also other studios who are feeling the sting as well, and have made their feelings known.

First, Protodude reports that several of the artists from Reverge Labs, the developer of the upcoming 2D fighter Skullgirls, dedicated their Whiteboard Wednesday this week to display their feelings for all the world to see.

Elsewhere, @Haseowolf, Razor, and our own Maverick-jin8 have informed me of Siliconera's report, which reveals that Hiroshi Matsuyama, President and Chief Executive Officer of Asura's Wrath developer CyberConnect2, recently revealed what other Capcom series he would like for his company to develop.

"It would be Mega Man Legends 3," Matsuyama exclaimed during the interview. "I really like the series!"

Matsuyama noted he was disappointed by Capcom's announcement of the game's cancellation earlier this week, with Siliconera noting that CyberConnect2's previous work on the games Solatorobo and Tail Concerto, two games which have drawn comparisons to the Mega Man Legends games, could serve as a foundation for the long-awaited sequel.

However, Siliconera does raise an interesting point: "Would any fans 'green light' a Mega Man Legends game from the Fukuoka based developer?" After all, there are many who are already skeptical at what would have become of Mega Man Legends 3 due to the departure of Keiji Inafune, despite many of the creative team from the original Legends games returning to continue on the work with great enthusiasm and Inafune's own blessing.