"Blue Words; Bombed Dreams:" An Ode to Mega Man

A lot of fans are expressing their disappointment in Capcom through different means, such as videos, art, or in the case of Megaman2468101214, a poem. We'll try to post some of what we can here, to help spread the word and show an ever-greater community voice. Who knows? Maybe someone will listen. Take it away, Megaman2468101214:

"I was inspired to make this from observing my fellow fan backlash towards Capcom's recent attitude towards our favourite Blue Bomber..."

"Blue Words; Bombed Dreams"

We rolled into your lives, We rocked your dreams,

And we exiled all thoughts of leaving you, Never would we abandon your hopes;

Our memories together extended beyond nostalgia; Since our creation from light we promised to give you joy,

Yet, wily intentions sealed our fate; We promised to return, equipped to survive to create a new legacy,

From the network, to the radio waves; we planned to extend our reach, So we may be remembered for all time;

But the beast returned, and resealed our potential and promises into unloving metal; The Ragnarok that we survived once has forever deleted our intents to return once more;

We swore before that we would come back to strike down this maverick, Yet hear we lie, lifeless, unable to tango once more.

However, head our command; we have not died, We only escaped the rushed wiles of the monsters,

And though our memories together have returned to zero, We swear that you will survive, whether we return or remain in our cyberspace.

So wish upon a star, for we will return to this universe,