Nintendo Life's 10 Life Lessons Learned from Mega Man

At first glance, one might not think there is a lot one can learn from Mega Man. But upon closer inspection, there is a wealth of knowledge one can take away from even the earliest games in the series, even with their relative lack of detailed story and characterization. "In fact," notes the website Nintendo Life, "if you keep your brain switched firmly on as you battle your way through the endless waves of Robot Masters, you're liable to learn a thing or two about the world around."

To that end, Nintendo Life has taken away ten life lessons which they have learned from studying the exploits of the Blue Bomber. Lessons in family, lessons in basing judgment on appearances, lessons in the nature of evil, and more. Check them out for yourself here, and see if you don't come away feeling more enriched and ready to take on the challenges placed before you.

Source: Capcom Unity