The Bright Bats Chose "Tinker" as Their Mascot

The results of the latest Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom event have been announced, and the winning concept for the Bright Bats' mascot character goes to the little ferret Tinker by Devroom member Espiownage (Servbot #1061). Congratulations, Espiownage! Quite an accomplishment being picked from over 450 entries from Japan and the west. He seems like an adorable little pal for Barrett and the gang. From Espiownage's own details:

Tinker is a mischievous little ferret that the Bright Bats found while exploring ancient ruins, where Tinker had accidentally wandered inside out of his own curious nature.  When he was found, he seemed like a normal ferret except for a strange belt with a reaverbot eye around his waist.  Oddly enough, Tinker seems very protective of it when people even try to touch it.  When the Bright Bats took him in, they couldn't think of a name for him until Barret noticed the curious ferret would observe Grill as he made his inventions, one day seeing him try to create something himself out of the junk Pic had collected.  Barret came up with the name Tinker due to the way he would play with the parts and his curiosity.

You can also check out the runner up and honorable mentions entries in the report. Thanks to the Devroom, Mega Man Legends 3 will never be short of interesting ideas. Keep thinking them up and pumping them out! More Devroom events are bound to come soon!