Rockman Unity Checks Out the USA Exclusive Mega Man X D-Arts Figure from Bandai

It is July 4th, and what better way to celebrate here at The Mega Man Network than by taking a look at a "USA Exclusive" figure of Mega Man X? We first brought you word of this figure, to be sold at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, about a month ago. It is a part of the Bandai D-Arts line, but unlike the Japanese release, this version features armor decorated with metallic blue paint.

But while the figure won't be available until the convention begins on July 21st (through the 24th), it appears that some sort of meeting regarding the product took place in Japan. Rockman Unity's Ucchy-San snuck in to get a look, but was apparently blinded by the brilliance of the light reflecting off of the figure's stunning new paint job. You can follow along with pictures of his misadventures here, as well as check out shots of the figure and what appears to be its equally metallic-looking box before Adam Newman of Bandai breaks Ucchy-San's heart by taking the figure away.

Of course, how many of us who aren't able to attend the show can now relate to Ucchy-San, as the object of his desire is removed from his grasp?

Incidentally, if you're wondering about all the text, Heat Man says there is nothing of importance to be translated. But leave comments below if you want to know what was being said throughout the exchange. Such drama!