More Puzzle Battle Details, Plus Video and Music

Rockman the Puzzle Battle may not be a game you can get outside of Japan, but thanks to some fans you can enjoy all other aspects of it besides playing it. The above video of gameplay comes from Tarbo-san, who details more about the game on his blog.

  • Aside from the six Robot Masters, you also face Yellow Devil, Copy Robot and Dr. Wily. Bosses don't have weaknesses, the special weapons simply cause advanced moves on the board.
  • Damage is done by aligning three or more of the same color gems horizontally or vertically (can happen multiple times in a turn as gems fall). Getting four or more in a row grants the player an extra turn.
  • Naturally, you beat a boss when his HP reaches 0. In the case of the six Robot Masters you get their special weapon, which can cause board effects (for example, Thunder Beam clears all of the gems of a single color).
  • Using a special weapon once uses all of its energy, but this energy can be gradually restored by clearing gems.
  • It's possible to get E Tanks, which restore just some of your HP. Enemies can also get and use E Tanks.

Additionally, a generous user of Niconico video uploaded all the music. I've cut it up into individual MP3s for you to place on whatever device and enjoy. Naturally, it's mostly decent arrangements from the original Mega Man, but there is one new song for the weapon get. Download the soundtrack (13.2 MB).

Lastly, CAP Kobun brings word of another cell phone game coming in August called "Rockman's Sprite Logic" (sprite as in actual game graphics). Sounds like another interesting puzzle game, we'll just have to wait and see. Edit: According to COCOROG yet again, it appears to be a Picross style game.