Fan-Made Mega Man Game Promises 4 Player Coop

There are a lot of Mega Man fan games out there, but I'm especially interested in those that are centered on cooperative multiplayer, an attribute I think that actual Mega Man titles have long needed. Here we have "Mega Man Perfect Harmony" by RUD, a Mega Man fan-game for the PC that promises up to four player coop with a diverse cast of actual and fan Mega Man characters.

Although 8-bit styled, Perfect Harmony appears to combine classic and X gameplay, giving Mega Man and Proto Man as they appear in the above trailer more moves, as well as swords, because why not? If they seem overpowered, you should take heed to the enormous waves of enemies they're facing at times. If you like what you can see, you can keep track of Perfect Harmony on Rocks Clan.

C'mon Capcom, you had fun coop working all the way back with Rescue Rangers. Give us our Mega Man coop excitement!