Megafying Your Wear to Support Mega Man Universe (Updated)

It was quite a bummer earlier this year when Capcom eventually announced the cancellation of Mega Man Universe. I think by now most of us have gotten past it, but that doesn't mean everyone has. A Japanese fan who goes by the handle Asadori has set into motion a small scale campaign called Your Wear, Megafied! in the hopes of rallying interest in the ditched game. The project is certainly a unique one. People who wish to participate select a character from what Mega Man Universe materials did happen to come out. This includes the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters, all varieties of Mega Man, and the customized characters like Chop Man and Met Man. After being verified, participants then draw that character, and have until July 31st to send it in.

Next, Asadori will have the character artwork printed on shirts. For the sake of keeping costs down, these will be mini T-shirts printed by Geki T-shirts. These mini Ts are too small to wear, and instead intended for decorating figures and dolls. Asadori will then send out the shirts to the contributors, who in return send in their photos of the shirts. The results of all this work will be publicized by the end of August. There may also be more to it than I'm noticing, but again it is supposed to be a small scale campaign.

It may be doubtful such a project can cause a stir at Capcom, but it's always great to see support. And considering Mega Man Universe is a title that was seemingly geared towards a western audience, it's great to see our fellow Japanese fans keeping up an interest in it. Maybe we should be, too.

UPDATE: Having been pleased to see us spread the word, Asadori (whose English is quite capable) has made an English version of his Your Wear, Megafied! project. Check it out, and thank you Asadori!

News Credit: Wizaman