Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Contest: The Results

Well folks, we've finally reached a conclusion, and it's taken a lot out of us. Not so much physically, but definitely mentally (and maybe a little monetarily). As always there were a lot of great entries; not so many this time but I feel that owes to how open and complicated the contest allowed entries to be. But that certainly doesn't mean it was any easier to judge, and more is riding on it than ever before. it was very tough, but at the same time fun to see all of your entries. Furthermore, GregaMan himself of Capcom Unity and the MML3 Devroom weighed in on the entries! First though, I need to bring up something of huge importance. Those of you who have worked hard to promote Mega Man Legends 3, you can't just kick back now. Yes, this is technically a contest, but the prizes were always meant to be an incentive, not an end. There is no "end" until we get Mega Man Legends 3 in our hands. So I implore to all of you who entered, and even those who haven't: keep going. Keep getting the word out and getting people interested. As Devroom members, that's one of our top responsibilities!

Anyway, with all the judging completed, we can now present the winners... right after this break! Oh, the drama!

Grand Prize Winner: Press Start - Press Start ran an impressive online campaign, accented with amusing artwork and Flash games. Furthermore, he was able to grab quite a deal of promotion, as his work appeared on a number of other major websites. I think Press really grasped the concept of what this contest was all about.

Second Place Winner: Omar Perez - Omar produced some very cool Servbot charms, as well as developing a plan for sales and cost requirements. He then distributed the charms with flyers, making good person-to-person connections. Omar, definitely get on the horn with Capcom, I think you have something with these charms!

Third Place Winner: Daniel Jreisat - Daniel partnered with a friend and went gigging at clubs, playing music from Mega Man and other games flamenco style! This was used as an opportunity to distribute handbills promoting Mega Man Legends 3, which sounds like it went over very well. This entry really reignited my personal wish to open a video game themed bar/club.

Runner Ups: greatmuffin1 and Servbot #286 - greatmuffin1 streamed a 24 hour Mega Man liveplay as a means to promote Mega Man Legends 3, and Servbot #286 executed multiple flyer promotions at GameStop as well as made information sheets for the staff of the Nintendo World Store.

Of course, I'm sure you're wanting to see all the entries for yourself. We have assembled them in a page you can see here, directly transferring over the text from the entry e-mails. I hope the entrants are fine with this; you may have wanted to check your spelling! There's a lot of cool stuff here; again it was tremendously difficult ranking it all. Every time we do one of these contest I always feel bad we can't give more.

So that's a wrap on TMMN's biggest contest ever. Many thanks again to everyone who put forth the hard effort in entering. And once more, continue getting the word out about Mega Man Legends 3! Let's make this happen!