Solicitations for Mega Man #6 and TPB Volume 1

When we saw the solicitation for Archie's Mega Man #5, we learned a little more of what we could expect from the comic outside the confines of the games' stories. Today, we have not one, but two new covers to share with you. Well, sort of.

The first is the cover for issue #6, which is part two of the storyline "Time Keeps Slipping." Interestingly, the other cover is not a variant, but rather a cover for the first Mega Man trade paperback, which shares the cover of the first issue. So even though Mega Man #2 is only now getting into peoples' hands, you can catch up on the entire collected first story arc when this hits sometime later this year.

To see the covers and read what issue #6 is about, just keep scrolling down. But note that these do not appear to be full solicits; certain info common to those is not available here, including the release dates. This could also potentially mean that we are merely seeing just one cover for #6, and that there is a variant still to be revealed; we don't know yet.

Thanks for the tip, Merricks!

MEGA MAN #6 Written by Ian Flynn, art by Chad Thomas, Gary Martin

"Time Keeps Slipping," Part 2. Dr. Wily has vanished! Roll has been kidnapped! Dr. Light is in federal custody! What's Mega Man to do? The blue bomber teams up with Cut Man and Ice Man (Note: That doesn't look like Ice Man on the cover to me... --LBD) to investigate the ruins of Wily's castle and search for clues, but what dangers await within? And who are these two, new, powered-up Robot Masters?

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante, Chad Thomas.

Mega Man is the hit new action-adventure series from Archie Comics! Dr. Light wanted to build a better tomorrow with his new Robot Masters, but the evil Dr. Wily reprogrammed them to take over the world! Now it's up to one little robot to save us all -- Mega Man! Collects Mega Man #1-4 plus variant covers, exclusive sketches and special features!

112 pages, $11.95