Calendar Pegs 2012 as a Heroic Year

Last year Capcom of Japan put out a "Capcom Girls 2011" calendar which featured females from various series, including a page with Luna Platz and Sonia Strumm of Star Force fame (which is presently displayed this month, actually). For 2012 however, Capcom is steering away from eye candy somewhat and putting out the "Capcom Heroes 2012" calendar, as evidenced by a Rakuten shop. The calendar will include the likes of Mega Man, Street Fighter and Devil May Cry. The Mega Man themed page itself, for January and February, has the Blue Bomber standing against a mountain of his foes. The above image is currently the best resolution that can be found, but with luck better versions will crop up over time. This format of calendar is typically like a nice, large poster size.

News Credit: CAP Kobun