Rockman Maniax Formally Announced, New Features

Hitoshi Ariga has formally announced his revamped edition of Rockman Maniax, which is set to release in Japan on July 11th. The cover features a Comic Bombom style arrangement in honor of the original publication where Rockman Maniax appeared. Announced contents include:

  • Colored pages, including content from 10 year anniversary encyclopedia Rockman Maniax special edition and color illustrations from the Comic Bombom magazine.
  • All of the Rockman Maniax stories, including an "episode 0" that was put out before Rockman Maniax was serialized.
  • Loads of 4-panel comics and other shorts.
  • The original "Destruction Order" story as well as Rockman X Megamissions that were featured in Rockman Remix.
  • Various concept drawings from Rockman Remix, Rockman Megamix and Rockman Gigamix.
  • A special interview with the original planner of the Rockman series, A.K, discussing 24 years of Rockman.

Furthermore, Ariga also announced that he will be implementing a new edition of "Dr. Rightot's Laboratory" and be taking submissions from fans for their Robot Masters. The deadline is June 19th and two submissions will be selected (this is certainly a Japan-only affair). The winners will receive an autographed postcard from Ariga.

This A5 format comic will be a whopping 420 pages and sell for ¥2,310 (roughly $28.80 US). Considering all their success with Mega Man, I'd say it's a good chance UDON will pick this one up too. Let's hope!

News via ArigaMegamix