LEGO Mega Man? Mega Man LEGO-nds?

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While there are no hints of a union between Traveller's Tales and Capcom to produce a Mega Man game based on the world-famous toy building blocks (yet), that has not stopped some creative fans of the Blue Bomber from creating their own dioramas and set pieces from the Mega Man Legends series in that very style.

Devroom members Canticleer Blues and Antumbra (who made the above image, complete with orange pieces to represent gunfire) are the ones responsible for these works, and you can see an entire gallery of images featuring MegaMan, Data, the Spotter's van, and numerous Reaverbots over on Capcom Unity.

With all of that said, wouldn't it be great if LEGO (or, perhaps more fittingly, Mega Bloks) were to release some toy sets with actual Legends figures, allowing you to build your own ruins, Reaverbots, and vehicles?