In Mega Man Legends 3, Everything is Relative

A couple of days ago, courtesy of Capcom Unity, we introduced you to the Bright Bats, who have been revealed to have a fairly significant role in Mega Man Legends 3, forming a new branch of the world's dynamic and a "third faction" of sorts. If you've been wondering how these new characters relate to the rest of the cast, then look no further than the chart below! In addition, it also keeps us up-to-date on how the Bonnes and Casketts are getting along.

Click to enlarge.

Of course, there is undoubtedly more to be revealed-- it seems rather unlikely that MegaMan and Barrett would have nothing to do with one-another, right? And might Glyde still play a part in things, or has his story concluded for the time being?

But for now, this should be enough to get your wheels turning and your imaginations burning as you ponder how things may play out.

Source: Capcom Unity