New Devroom Event: Meet the Bright Bats and Design Their Mascot!

Yesterday, we learned a little about the gang of "Bright Bats" who will be in Mega Man Legends 3. Namely, they clearly are not very well-liked by the local law enforcement authority of Teomo City, and perhaps least of all by the police chief, who is the father of Bright Bats member Aero!

And in today's Devroom update, we're going to learn a lot more about the group, as Capcom wants you to help design their mascot! That's right: the Bonnes have the Servbots, the Casketts have Data, the Loathes even have their Birdbots, and the Bright Bats... have looked to the members of the Devroom to help find a representative who will help them stand tall alongside the aforementioned groups.

But before you begin sketching away furiously at your medium of choice, you should know the following about the character: they are going to be highly mysterious, and will be met deep within an ancient ruin. Your part is to decide not only what the character's personality is, but also what they were even doing in the ruin to begin with!

And to help things along, Capcom is pulling back the curtain on the entire Bright Bats gang.

To begin with, it would appear that the Bright Bats are part of a larger entity, known collectively as the "Rebel Riders." This group of "wild-hearted" boys (and girls, presumably) rampage the town streets on modified "motorhorses." The Rebel Riders are apparently comprised of several different groups like the Bright Bats, and they have the police racking their brains.

First up in the group is the leader, Max. Wait, so it's not Barrett who leads? Apparently not! Which is unfortunate, as Max seems to be an incompetent loudmouth who boasts big dreams, but is too meek to back up his words. To Barrett and Aero's chagrin, he seems to be a by-mail shopaholic, constantly ordering anything from exercise equipment to action figures.

Well, everyone needs a hobby.

Pic will tell you he's the group's information gatherer, though the rest of the team may have reservations about that. He tends to scamper around town collecting junk parts which rarely prove useful. Despite this, the gang's hideout is littered with his findings.

And, for what it's worth, his speech is a little rough.

Even though Pic's findings are said to rarely be useful, that doesn't seem to phase their mechanic, Grill, who manages to incorporate them into motorhorse modifications and other devices. Grill is described as being intellectual, geeky, and obsessed with mechanics. He also tends to eat a lot, and has a bit of weight on him as a result.

And then we come to the star, Barrett. Though he's not the leader, he does act as the educator and impromptu chieftain for the Bright Bats; perhaps more of a Leonardo or a Cyclops, rather than a Master Splinter or Professor Xavier, if you will.

Nonetheless, he trains his team hard so that they can rise to the top of their field, and lives by the words "duty" and "obligation." Despite his role in the team, he is still a thrillseeking adventurer with a penchant for finding trouble.

Interestingly, Barrett is described as "strangely old fashioned at times," and has some mysterious connection to Roll and the Bonnes. He is well-versed in the digging arts, but much about him remains an enigma.

Finally, we have Aero, the sole female member of the Bright Bats. She is happy-go-lucky to the core, and acts as the mood-maker for the team. "For some reason," *cough* she is quite adept at hacking into police radio transmissions, which is a boon for her team's mischief-making. There is no question she has a soft-spot for the strong-willed and assertive Barrett.

As an interesting aside, it is noted that she dyed her hair pink in an act of defiance toward her parents.

So there's the team! Now, about that mascot: Director Eguchi notes that this character will act as a partner and confidant to Barrett after it meets the Bright Bats within the ancient ruin. "And by the way," he adds, "just because they're the 'Bright Bats' doesn't mean their mascot has to be a bat! Try to visualize what kind of mascot would be the most interesting or funny!"

All the rules and details of the event can be found here, along with the above information and images of each of the Bright Bats. There will be prizes awarded to everyone who submits (1,000 Unity Points), with the runner-up receiving 5,000 Unity Points, a special badge, and a Servbot Bobble Budd (provided you live in the U.S. for the Bobble Budd).

Honorable Mentions will receive 3,000 Unity Points, a special badge, and a Servbot Bobble Budd (again, for the U.S.), while the final selection, should it come from the U.S. Devroom, will receive 10,000 Unity Points (what?! 10,000?!), a special badge, a Servbot Bobble Budd, and a premium Servbot number.

Do note that you can apparently submit more than once, but you can only receive one reward. Meanwhile, if the winning effort is a collaboration, only one elected member can receive the premium Servbot number; everyone else will still be rewarded.

So there you have it. Best of luck to all those who enter!