The TMMN Megacast #9 - Grega Man Legends

The Megacast is back at ya for another month! And this time we have an all new esteemed guest to speak to, Greg "Grega Man" Moore. He's the guy at Capcom Unity who toils endlessly to make sure your Mega Man Legends 3 dreams come true. But he managed to find a spot of time to come on and talk with us a bit, and regaled us with his wonderful adventure of joining Capcom and proving his Mega Man cred. He also stuck around while we got into a bit about Reaverbot appreciation. Unfortunately he couldn't stick around for the whole show; his body just couldn't take it yet, but maybe someday. Plus his Data Dance was giving us all motion sickness. The later half of the show is pretty much dominated by our Game Club segment, which covers Mega Man Legends this month. Yep, as you guessed this is a pretty much an entirely Legends themed show. Except for many the musical break, which is classic Mega Man medley by none other than Grega Man himself, from his life-in-the-fast-line high school band days. Bet you didn't know the guy was so talented. Incidentally, you can find the full track here. Enjoy the show!