Rockman Online Introduces the Sky Fortress "Atlas"

Been a bit of time since we've heard about Rockman Online, but the official blog finally has a new location update. This time we're introduced to the floating fortress named Atlas. As the wars between the UCA and URA have spread across the world, it's become necessary to gain ground in the sky as well. This establishment belongs to the UCA, and is their biggest military installment next to the base on Gaia. Designed by Dr. Gaudille, it's made from a powerful Force Metal frame and has the latest Force Metal engine installed. Despite its size it has impressive speed, and can even self-repair basic damage it endures. The facility is also used for charging up and maintaining dozens of large battleships. The overwhelming power of Atlas serves as a symbol of the UCA's might over the URA. However, recently URA attacks have gotten more aggressive, and the state of affairs is growing worrisome. Scientists saw to completely safeguard Atlas' AI system from all viruses, but there are uncertainties surrounding entering URA controlled territories, where the level of virus contamination is highly serious. With intel pointing to a planned URA invasion on the fortress, it's possible Atlas could serve as a battlefield at some point. (Of course, as far as the actual is concerned, this is a guarantee!)

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