MML3 Prototype Contest Update: Considering an Extension

Hey there folks. I don't have so much of a supercharged update for you this week, but more of a serious query. In light of the indefinite delay of Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version, we have been considering extending the entry period for our contest. There's no real great reason for us to end it sooner, aside from all these awesome prizes just sitting back here and tempting me. Personally though, I would prefer if we got the goods out before the game launches. That way there's no tortuous period of waiting for the 3DS to arrive while everyone else is enjoying the game. Of course, the delay could be as little as a week or as much as months for all we know. I think most of you would probably want an extension, especially those still considering entering yet. Then again, those of you who started right away will have to consider how much more time you can keep momentum going in your activities. We are considering an extension of two weeks right now, which would bring the deadline to June 14th, Tuesday. It's also possible we may grant a second extension depending on whether or not Capcom announces a new launch date in that time. Also, for personal reasons, it's best if I get the prizes sent out by August, though I don't imagine the contest running that long.

Comment or e-mail us if you have any suggestions for the matter. Otherwise the two week extension is the most likely scenario. I'll post tomorrow with the decision. Thanks everyone!