Your Battle Network Questions Answered

Well probably not all of them, nearly. But you may recall that Capcom invited questions to the developers of Mega Man Battle Network in honor of the series' 10th anniversary back in March. Capcom has now posted their select answers, from series artist Yuji Ishuhara and series scenario planner Masakazu Eguchi (aka Mr. Famous). Even our own Tabby got a question answered: Q: (Tabby) I have a question more directed at Ishihara-San. What was your favorite character design, and why?

A: (Ishihara) I love all the characters of Battle Network. My number one favorite tends to vary depending on when I’m asked, but right now Wind Man seems to come to mind. He’s graceful yet domineering—a true stud. In fact, this made me want to draw a picture of him, so I did!

Check out the full article for insider info on how the series came to be, ideas behind character designs, and so forth.