D-Arts Full Armor X Announced for September

Seems with Rockman X out the door, Bandai is looking to speed things up. We have Zero on the way for Japan in August, and now AmiAmi's pre-order is showing Full Armor X is set to release in September. This is yet another new figure, and not just replacement parts as previously speculated. However, images and info do indicate you will be able to exchange parts with the original Rockman X armor, in case you want that incomplete armor look. They can also be exchanged with the upcoming Zero figure for even weirder results. Listed accessories include "Hand Parts x 2, Right Arm Part, Hand Wrist, Shot Effect Parts, Charge Shot Effect Parts." You can pre-order this figure right now on AmiAmi. As well, with Zero having an expected US release in September, Full Armor X probably ought to also be coming here in October, should trends continue.

News credit thanks to Hmm and CAP Kobun!