Rockman DASH 3 Updates of Mystery and Intrigue (Updated with the Good Stuff)

Heat Edit: You see folks, this is what happens when you're as incredibly awesome and important as I am, and a maven of fantastic Mega Man coverage. Can't even leave the compound for an ICEE without being extremely needed! Hahaha, I kid I kid. But the new trailer does perplex me as well, so I've replaced the top page video with one that actually does have new footage from the DASH 3 Prologue, with Eguchi-san and Kitabayashi-san trying it out. Skip to around the minute mark. I've moved BD's video's down after the break.

Well, I've tried everything: pinging, yelling, slapping him with a trout, and Heat Man won't answer. I was going to try to get Tabby to do something to lure him back, but she's not answering, either, so I'm flying solo on this update to the Japanese Rockman DASH 3 website. Fasten your seat belts, because my ignorance of the Japanese language is likely going to turn this into a bumpy ride.

First up, the main page of the site has updated with a new trailer. And fortunately for you, they also posted it on their blog via YouTube, thus allowing me to share it with you here:

Right. So, the footage doesn't seem to show anything terribly new or revealing; mostly, it seems to be a montage of Barrett strutting his stuff like only he can. Unless it turns out Volnutt can as well, in which case, well, there goes that.

Moving on to the rest of the content of the post... as noted, I don't speak Japanese, so we'll just see what Google Translate has to say.

It would appear that composer Tani Akira managed to get the engine working on the 9th-- wait, engine? Composer? So... a music engine, I guess? Anyway, it looks like he wanted to blog about his work, but felt that his suffering would not be terribly amusing. Clearly, he doesn't know the internet, but I digress...

Want to know what one of the concepts of Development Office DASH is? The development of uranium. No, I'm not making this up, why?

Looks like they've been working on the Prototype Version, as we might expect. I think there are some pages from the "FILE #1" used in the production of the "untold story" used in the Prototype Version. And possibly a pun, as he says "I'll make a sound point of view!"

...okay, I guess this was the storyboard and development of the trailer we saw above, the music in particular. But they went with a different direction, instead producing this.

Yeesh. Well, there you have it.

Elsewhere, they have another video posted of two men with rather large Servbots in their grasp and around them. I can't translate the names, but they appear intent on making us jealous by bringing the Servbots up close to the camera. One appears to have a bit of wear, but if you've seen the training course aboard the Gesellschaft, then it should come as no surprise.

We move on to see some footage of the original Rockman DASH: MegaMan eavesdropping on the tough kids, Tron issuing orders to her Servbots, and MegaMan... running headfirst into a moving vehicle.

More scenes from early in the game play, a lot of conversation is had (in which I have no idea of what they are saying), and I'm wondering how Tron is able to run so quickly in those platform heels.

There's more, but I don't think I'm missing anything too significant by cutting it off here. You're welcome to check it out if you like, and if you see something interesting, tell us in the comments below! Or, just tell Heat Man what a bad person he is for making me try to figure this out all by my lonesome; either is good.