New Details on MML3 Prototype Version

Here's some delicious news if you've been hotly anticipating the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version (and all of you should be). reports that the downloadable title will indeed be chock full of content. Like previous demo editions of Legends games, the Prototype Version will allow you to experience the gameplay in the form of different missions you can select as you like. The Prototype Version will have over 10 missions ranging from exploring ruins and battling Reaverbots to causing mayhem with the Aero and the Bright Bats. Of course, as a "free running RPG," you're free to run around wherever you like too. The prototype will also feature drawn scenes for the game's event scenes, which are described as "moving storyboards," which appear prior to the full polygon action. It's uncertain if this is a feature they intend on extending to the complete game, but it is a first for the series. Additionally, loading screens will be adorned with images of concept artwork.

The 3DS eShop seriously cannot come too soon! Check the article for even more screens.

Update: The US Devroom now has a reciprocating post on the game details. The only thing to clarify is that the "animated storyboard" scenes are intended to fill in places where scenes made with 3D models haven't been implemented yet. So it does not sound like this will be a feature in the final game, but simply another look into how game development works. Otherwise it's generally the same info, but give it a read anyway!