MML3 Prototype Contest Update: Sweetening the Pot

We're a week into our contest supporting the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version, and a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS! So far we've got some emails from people showing off the start of their projects, as well as some general questions. I just want to take this time to reiterate that, so long as you follow what few rules there are, there's no "wrong way" to do this contest. Anything you can think of the promote the game is great, and the more people it reaches the better. We're sure there will be numerous ideas that we'd never even dreamed of, and we look forward to seeing them. You still have a few weeks so keep at it! Anyway, you may have seen the above photo of my messy room via our Twitter account. But specifically, the box with the three D-Arts Rockman X figures and five MML3 posters. Today I'm announcing that these items are also part of the contest prize pool. While the 3DS is certainly a rewarding enough prize, we really want to increase the appeal and the number of winners as much as we can. I can't exactly confirm the final distribution of prizes, but I can say that the grand prize winner will get one of each along with the 3DS!

And we're still not through either. We're actively acquiring even more prize fodder to add to the pile. I ought to have some news for you on that in another week or so. With stakes this high, how can you not enter? Give it your all! Do it for Legends 3! And prizes!