A Quick Note on the Mega Man Comic

Just a quick note for those of you who are getting the first issue of Mega Man from Archie... The original solicitation for the book stated that the comic was to arrive at comic shops today, May 4th. And following that, a number of stories on this site (including last week's "Countdown" features) followed that date in anticipating the release. But as some of you (like myself) might have discovered upon checking with such shops, the book is seemingly nowhere to be found, though subscribers have already begun to receive their copies.

Checking the recent trailer from last week, it appears that the book's release has been moved back to next week; the 11th, to be precise. There has been some talk from some other Sonic readers (I'm a little behind, personally) that recent books from Archie have been getting delayed by a week. No word on whether this will affect the newsstand release or not, but we'll bring you word if we learn anything.

It is interesting, as despite their best efforts, UDON Entertainment's Mega Man publications have often met with delays. Perhaps there is some sort of curse associated with getting the Blue Bomber to press?