MML3 Devroom Event: Rock the Reaverbot Vote

Another call has been made for fans to vote on Mega Man Legends 3 content. While MML3 is bound to have plenty of new Reaverbots, the mysterious and sometimes frightening automatons that inhabit the worlds' ruins, the developers are interested in knowing which ones we'd like to see return as well. Thus, a large scale poll has begun letting users pick from nearly every Reaverbot the series has seen so far. After looking over the available Reavers (each of which having a brief description), simply head over to the poll here and vote on the Reaverbots you like. You can pick up to five. You can also go tothis forum thread and write about the ones you want to see. It's encouraged that you explain why you want to see them return, because at least one Reaverbot will be selected based on how strong the fan support that it has over how many votes it has. You have until Thursday, May 5th at 5PM PST to place your votes!