Fans Duke it out in the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011

It begins! OverClocked ReMix's second annual Robot Master Remix Battle is upon us. Just like last year, artists from around the internet will choose one robot master theme to rule them all and attempt to fight their way through fellow remixers for that number one spot. How does it work? After choosing a stage theme (classic series only!), participants will be pitted against each other in one-on-one remix battles each week. Each artist must create a remix that involves both the tune of their own robot master AND their opponent's. The following week, a public vote will be held (based on production, enjoyability, and how well the piece incorporates both themes) to determine the winner who will then get to move up the brackets and be one step closer to being the last man/woman standing.

You have about 2 weeks to sign up before the competition kicks off in mid May. Simply visit this thread and (after reading the rules) choose the top 5 themes you want to claim in order of preference. If more than one person chooses the same theme, they will randomly decide who gets it and move on to the loser's second choice. Remember, the theme you choose is the one you're stuck with for the entire competition!

It's sure to be a fun competition. Even I've signed up! Sign up now and maybe we'll meet on the remix battlefield in a couple weeks.