Enter Bandai's D-Arts Zero

With X coming out this week, it's natural his partner should come to light. While we've known it was coming for some time, Big Bad Toy Store offers us our first real look at Bandai's D-Arts Zero! According to the site:

Following the popular D-Arts launch of Megaman X will be the popular Megaman Zero! Potraying Zero as he first appeared in the MegamanX game , fighting alongside X, this figure features superiour D-Arts articulation- even Zero's flowing hair is articulated! This high-tech figure set also includes a full array of accessories, including interchangeable facial expression, right-arm and hand parts, as well as blast effect parts!

BBTS has the figure listed to ship in September, though the figure itself could release as early as August based on X's release timeframe. Of course, we ought to be getting an official announcement from Bandai soon.

UPDATE: A couple more Zero pics here on Bandai's blog.

Via Protodude's Rockman Corner!