About the Mega Man Comic and The Mega Man Network

Beginning tonight, as the clock turns to April 25th (or at about 1am EST-- thank Daylight Savings Time for that, I guess), we will begin gearing up for next week's release of Archie's Mega Man comic book with a look back at Mega Man's many appearances in different North American media. Along the way, there are going to be some links which urge those of you reading to subscribe. Because of this, I felt that I owe you, the readers of The Mega Man Network, a bit of disclosure.

At present, I am currently a paid employee of Archie Comics. My job? I create entries for their Mega Man blog. If you follow our Twitter feed (which is also conveniently in our right sidebar), you may have noticed a link or two to it there. The reason there has not been an official post on MMN regarding it until now is twofold: 1) I was hoping to have more content available on there (not everything written for the blog has been posted), and 2) I was a little worried it might seem a bit boastful to make a whole announcement for it, particularly before things really got moving.

But as I set to work getting the posts for this coming week formatted and ready, it dawned on me that it might be dishonest if I continued to plug the comic book and not mention that I am, in fact, being paid to promote the book, even if it's not necessarily on MMN. And I definitely want us to be honest with our readers.

Of course, this being The Mega Man Network and all, we would be posting that stuff anyway-- we definitely want to see this book succeed. And while I can't get into specifics, I can say that from what I have seen, I really, truly believe in this as a Mega Man product, and think that those of you who check it out when it hits comic book shops on May 4th for $2.99 (*plug*) will definitely be pleased. It just felt more honest to be up-front about my relatively minor role in this as we continue urging people to subscribe to the book (did we mention that doing so gets you a free autographed poster? [/plug]).

I will be honest, if I did not believe in what I have seen of the book so far, I might not be doing this. It is really, truly unlike anything we have ever gotten here before... at least, anything that did not come from Japan itself (lots of love for Ariga's Megamix), and I hope to spend the following week helping to illustrate this to you. Archie's Mega Man comic promises to be a fun ride, and one I hope you will join us on and support as it kicks off on what will hopefully be a long, successful run.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"